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Habitech Drip Irrigation Faucet Adapter - Product Manual

  1. Package Contents
  2. Can I use this assembly with a timer?
  3. Tubing Compatibility
  4. How to attach tubing
  5. Troubleshooting: Issues attaching the tubing
  6. How to clean the mesh filter?
  7. What is the screw on the end of the backflow preventer?
  8. What kind of materials are used in this product?
  9. Can I use this assembly with 1/4" Tubing instead?
  10. Troubleshooting: Leaking when the system shuts off.
  11. I don't see my question here.


Package contents (Pre-Assembled and ready to use)

- Backflow Preventer with Mesh Filter
- 25 PSI Pressure Regulator
- Adapter for 1/2" Tubing

Can I use this assembly with a timer?

Yes. If using with a timer, install this assembly after the timer (water source > timer > Habitech faucet adapter).

Tubing Compatability

Unfortunately there is no standard sizing for drip irrigation tubing in the USA, so depending on the brand and model of 1/2 Inch Tubing you're using, the exact measurements of the tubing may vary by many millimeters, impacting what fittings are compatible. Our Drip Irrigation Faucet adapter is compatible with the widest range of 1/2" Tubing. However to ensure compatibility, please check that your tubing measurements fall within these ranges:

Inside Diameter (ID): 0.520 to 0.620" ID
Outside Diameter (OD): 0.620 to 0.710" OD
Wall Thickness: 0.045 to 0.055"

How do I attach the adapter to my 1/2" irrigation tubing?

Watch the above video for step-by-step instructions. 

1) Don't remove the collar. Tighten collar clockwise onto the base to expose the barb.

2) Push tubing fully over the exposed barb. Apply heat to tubing end if needed, to soften the tubing for easier installation.

3) While holding the tubing, twistthe collar counter-clockwise back over the tubing to secure.


Troubleshooting: Issues Attaching Tubing

Here are a few things to try when attaching your tubing:

  1. Check your tubing size. This assembly is designed to fit 1/2" drip irrigation tubing that measures from .520 to .620" Inside Diamater (ID), .620 to .710” Outside Diameter (OD) and .045 to .055 Wall Thickness. Unfortunately there is no standard sizing for drip irrigation tubing in the USA, so depending on your brand/model of your 1/2" tubing the ID, OD, and wall thickness may fall outside the compatible ranges. The tubing packaging should list its exact measurements.
  2. Ensure the tubing is completely pushed over the barb. If necessary you can heat the end of the tubing in hot (not quite boiling) water to soften it, so it more easily pushes over the barb. Then twist collar counter-clockwise back over the tube to secure.
  3. Occasionally with a thicker-walled tubing, sometimes as you push the tubing over the barb, the force might have pushed the collar off the thread. If you are able to spin the collar around, but it is not "catching" on the thread and tightening forward over the tubing as it spins, this might be what has happened. To get the collar back on the thread, remove the tubing from the barb, and hold onto the barb (use pliers for better grip) as you twist and pull the collar forward - you should hear it 'pop' back into place.


How to clean the mesh filter?

To clean the mesh filter you do not have to take apart the assembly, but you will need to disconnect it from your water source. The mesh filter easily pops out so you can rinse it clean, then simply pop it back in and reattach to your water source. The irrigation tubing can stay attached to the other end of the assembly the whole time. 

What is the screw on the end of the backflow preventer for?

The purpose of the small metal screw is to help hold the assembly in securely place after it's fastened onto the water source. Using the screw is optional. It's just there for extra support in case you need it.

What kind of materials are used in this product?

The materials used are:
1/2 Tubing Adapter - Glass-Reinforced Polypropylene
Pressure Regulator - Engineering-Grade Thermoplastics
Backflow Preventer - Nylon reinforced Zytel®

Is this product available with an adapter for 1/4" Tubing instead of 1/2"?

We only sell this faucet assembly with the 1/2" adapter. However we do offer a 1/4" Irrigation Tubing Adapter, which is sold separately and can be swapped out with the 1/2" Tubing Adapter on the assembly if desired.

When the irrigation system shuts off, I notice some leaking from the backflow area. Is this normal?

The backflow preventer is designed to "leak" after the system turns off, to drain water. This is normal. Otherwise hand-tighten the assembly. Too much pressure can also cause leaks. You can also check to ensure the rubber washers inside the pressure regulator and tubing adapter and are lying flat and are not twisted or blocking water flow.

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