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Pressure Regulator

If you are measuring this Senninger 25 PSI pressre regulator with a pressure gauge, for accurate results you will need a gauge that allows measurement while water is actively flowing through the pressure regulator. Pressure Gauges that are "end cap" style do not measure this pressure regulator accurately, because when screwed onto the end of the regulator they prevent the flow of water. The spring inside the regulator is only activated when water is actively flowing through it, which is why end cap style pressure gauges that do not allow water flow cannot accurately measure in this situation.

Faucet to 1/2" Irrigation Tubing All-In-One Assembly

Yes. If using with a timer, install this kit after the timer (water source > timer > faucet adapter kit).

1) Don't remove the collar. Tighten collar clockwise onto the base to expose the barb.

2) Push tubing fully over the exposed barb. Apply heat to tubing end if needed.

3) While holding the tubing, twistthe collar counter-clockwise back over the tubing to secure.

Troubleshooting: Check your tubing size. Our adapter fits 1/2" tubing from .520 to .620 ID (inside diameter).
With the tip of the adapter facing toward you, twist the collar clockwise toward the base
to expose the barb. If needed, soak the tubing end in hot water to help more easily push
the tubing over the barb. Then twist collar counter-clockwise back over the tube to secure.